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I earned an A.S. degree in Electronics Technology in 1983, then promptly became a computer programmer instead. I finally started working as a Military Electronics Specialist and one-person Facilities Management department at Honeywell DCPD in 1988. I left that field in 1991 to become a technical editor, which is what I've been doing ever since.

I worked at an Engineering/R&D firm called Eastern Instruments from 1991 to 1999, then quit and moved to China. I edited an educational magazine in Hong Kong for one year, I was a legal transcriptionist for the Hong Kong court system and the Singapore court system for six years, and I taught Advanced English Writing at several universities in mainland China for four years.

I moved to Thailand in 2006 and edited medical papers for Chiang Mai University. That's also where I turned a part-time venture called Michael Edits, which has existed since December 1999, into a full-time venture. In 2010 I moved to Hanoi, and in 2011 I returned to North Carolina.

In September 2020 I returned to Eastern Instruments. Would it be melodramatic to say that COVID killed my editing business? Yeah, probably. My business was only crippled. It might be more honest to say that I got too busy writing my own books.

Michael LaRocca, Amazon Author



  1. Rising From The Ashes (biography / women's / literary) EPPIE finalist
  2. How Red Is My Neck? (memoir / humor) EPPIE finalist
  3. Who Moved My Rice? (memoir / humor / Asian travel) EPPIE finalist


  1. Make Money Editing From Home (how-to / business)
  2. Teach Yourself Creative Writing (how-to / writing / lesson plans)
  3. Make A Difference: From Being Successful to Being Significant (personal development / business / philosophical)
  4. Why Is My Life So Boring? (personal development / self-help / philosophical)

Short Story Collection

  1. The Chronicles of a Lost Soul (literary / philosophical)


  1. Skull Dance (political thriller)
  2. Descent Into Madness (horror / literary / philosophical)
  3. Sandlot (football)
  4. Gridiron (football)

Modern Day Speculative Novels

(Greek mythic / literary / philosophical)
  1. The Last Titan
  2. The God Who Kicked Fate in the Ass

The Barry Drake Novels

  1. Vigilante Justice (police drama) EPPIE finalist
  2. The Lazarus Effect (medical thriller)
  3. Conundrum (space travel / hard science fiction / literary / philosophical)
  4. Enigma (space travel / hard science fiction / literary / philosophical)
  5. Paradox (space travel / science fiction / alien encounter / LGBT)
  6. The End of War (space travel / science fiction / alien encounter / LGBT)
  7. Final Mission (space travel / science fiction / alien encounter / LGBT)
  8. Waiting for Vido (science fiction / alien encounter)

Kafkaesque Fable

  1. How I Became A Superhero: a metamorphosis

Superhero / Suspense

  1. Metamorphosis II: Reignited

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