I Don't Sell Editing and Proofreading Services

Yes, my business is called Michael Edits, so it’s logical to conclude that I edit and proofread. And in fact I do. But that’s not what I sell.

Every author I know, and every author I don’t know, does not see what they've written. They see what they think they've written. They’re not always the same thing.

All major corporations have in-house editing departments. Why? Because editing matters. Proofreading matters.

If you’ve ever clicked “send” and then seen your mistake, that cringe is why you know editing and proofreading matter. If you’ve ever seen a mistake (or five) in another vendor’s literature, your laughter is why you know editing and proofreading matter. It’s also why you probably took your business elsewhere.

But there’s probably a compelling reason why you don’t have an in-house editing department. You don’t write enough to need one.

If there are more people in your office than just you, everyone can review each other’s writing. Assuming you’ve got people with the right skill set in your office, whenever you need them, who can focus on your writing rather than their own problems and deadlines.

But if you’re doing that, you’re not doing whatever it is that made you go into business in the first place.

Like hiring an accountant, a lawyer, a cleaning service, or a security company, you outsource those aggravating but necessary chores so you can focus on what it is you want to be doing, what you should be doing, what you need to be doing.

Focus on what you do best. Let me focus on your words because that’s what I do best.

Editing and proofreading services are not an expense. They’re an investment.

Updated April 10, 2018
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