The Best Way to Sell is Not to Sell

After my first Tip Club meeting, Bruce sent me an email. He’d seen me there, taken me to be an expert, and wondered why I paid the $500/year to join. I told him that it was my first and only meeting because I could get the same thing from Charlotte Area Consultants for the price of my lunch.

Two weeks later, I saw Bruce again at a lunch for Charlotte Area Consultants. He said he was attending as my guest. When I introduced him to Sheila, I didn't know he needed Content Strategy services. But that’s what Sheila specializes in.

I enjoy helping people. That’s what I do. Bruce was happy because he was able to put a content strategy in place to grow his business. Sheila was happy because she had a new customer. I was happy because I’d helped their two companies. End of story.

Six months later, Sheila’s firm decided that Bruce’s firm should describe their services in an ebook. They agreed this ebook would need editing. Bruce remembered who introduced them. An editor. Me.

Bruce’s people and Sheila’s people were both impressed by my editing. Sheila’s people generate a whole lot of content. Long story short, I edit every word. They’re my biggest customer. And I wasn’t trying to sell them a damn thing.

Updated April 10, 2018
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