I Was Not Always An Editor

I was, however, always a reading junkie. The cereal box stereotype fits.

I was born in 1963.

I got my first typewriter as a Christmas present, in 1978. It was a Royal. It was manual. It was ancient. I loved it.

I started editing and proofreading in 1991, and I established Michael Edits in 1999.

But before I was an editor, I was an author.

1 Short Story Collection

  1. The Chronicles of a Lost Soul (literary)

10 Novels

  1. Skull Dance (political thriller)
  2. Descent Into Madness (horror)
  3. Vigilante Justice (police drama)
  4. The Lazarus Effect (medical thriller)
  5. Conundrum (science fiction)
  6. Enigma (science fiction)
  7. Sandlot (football)
  8. The Last Titan (Greek mythology in a modern setting)
  9. The God Who Kicked Fate in the Ass (Greek mythology in a modern setting)
  10. Gridiron (football)

7 Nonfiction Books

  1. Rising From The Ashes (biography/women's)
  2. How Red Is My Neck? (memoir/humor)
  3. Who Moved My Rice? (memoir/humor/Asian travel)
  4. Make Money Editing From Home (how-to/business)
  5. Teach Yourself Creative Writing (how-to/writing)
  6. Make A Difference: From Being Successful to Being Significant (personal development/business)
  7. Why Is My Life So Boring? (personal development/self-help)

I write this mainly to remind myself. People at networking events ask me to tell them about my books and I draw a blank because my elevator speech is all about my editing and proofreading.

Isaac Asimov published over 500 books. How did he remember them all?

Other Jobs I've Had

I’ve also been paid to masturbate hogs, but I made sure nobody took photos.

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