Proofreading and Editing Services since December 1999 Pricing

I'll proofread and edit your document for 2 cents per word.

Price shouldn’t be the first thing you look for, but I know you’ll ask about it at some point, so there it is.

I edit your document on the computer screen until I think it's perfect. Then I go do something else for a bit to clear my head. Then I read it on the computer screen again and see what I missed. Then I print it, read that, find what I missed on the screen, correct it, print it again, repeat until it's flawless. Then I send it back to you.

I mark my changes by using the Tracking feature in Microsoft Word. If you've never used it, here's a brief tutorial. Tracking rocks.

An author can look at the revised document with its tracked changes, click "Accept" or "Reject" for each of my suggested revisions, and have a ready-to-publish document in which they know every single change we've made. This type of collaboration is the one I use when I'm the author.

If you'd rather receive a clean "I don't want to edit my editor" copy, we can do that too. You're the boss. I'm just the gadfly.

I work as fast as you need me to. In over 17 years I've never missed a deadline. We can discuss your deadline (and your price) when you send an email to

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