What's Cheaper Than Throwing Out Your Promotional Copy?

I visited one of the nation's premier providers of trade show booths. The place is sharp, elegant, and impressive, in one of the finest office buildings I've seen in Charlotte.

You've been to a trade show, right? You know it's all about sleek professional appearance and making an excellent impression, first and otherwise, about just how high your quality is. Spare no expense to create the right image and everything else will fall into place.

Gorgeous four-color brochures, too, each a case study and an impressive success story. One customer was the Raleigh Visitor Center, and right there on page one I saw the word Vsitor, and I swear I wasn't even trying.

When you write something, you don't see what you wrote. You see what you think you wrote. That's why it's so easy to spot someone else's mistakes but so hard to spot your own.

The company in question probably spent thousands of dollars to print those brochures, and they're better off throwing them in the trash. The brochures destroy the very credibility they set out to establish.

Raleigh Vsitor Center. The customer's name, the bold type, the point of pride upon which this entire brochure rests. Did you cringe when you read about it? Did you think I made it up? (I didn't.)

The brochures make them look stupid.

And yes, I pointed out the mistake to someone in the office. I had to. Politely. And then I left. They probably don't even know I'm an editor.

I could have proofread those brochures for less than $50.

Please, get someone to proofread your writing. It's too important not to.

Updated June 25, 2018
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