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Carl Dickson, Capture Planning: Michael LaRocca has been our editor for many years, reviewing dozens of documents, as well as our weekly newsletter. He has kept us from looking stupid countless times. Working with Michael is easy and friction-free. He has been extremely flexible and helped us meet even our most unreasonable deadlines. He has spoiled us.

Trish Saemann, Digital Marketing Professional at GoBeyond SEO: Michael is a very detail-oriented professional who produces exemplary work consistently. We have been using Michael's services since July of 2013 and we plan to continue as long as he'll have us! The nature of our industry requires well-written content for blogs, ebooks and website copy. Nothing can tarnish a document with strong content like spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Michael is the filter we use before publishing content. He is a vital part of our workflow. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Michael LaRocca.

Joelle Klein, Health & Lifestyle Writer / Blogger / Storyteller: Michael is the perfect pair of second eyes for my articles. I find it impossible to edit my own work. When I need something to be perfect, I make sure Michael reads it before I send it out. He's reliable, fast and accurate.

Derek Lewis, Business Book Ghostwriter: Impressively quick, impressively accurate, and impressively savvy. Michael is my secret weapon. He has saved me from countless embarrassments and faux pas. Nothing I write is fit to show until Michael says so.

Ressie Cavenaugh, Plant Manager at Eastern Instruments: Michael is an energetic, engaged personality who produces more work per calorie consumed than any I've met since. His passion is writing and he pursues it with voracity and the results are impressive!

Darrell Bain, Fictionwise Author of the Year: Michael LaRocca has edited my books. His command of the English language is better than mine and I have a B.S. degree.

Carl Dickson: I started editing everything published by Capture Planning in 2006, and everything by PropLibrary and Virtual VP Services when they were created. The weekly newsletter provides the bulk of our work, but there are also websites, ebooks, and an upcoming print book. Carl recommends me in every newsletter, which is why I've also edited bids, proposals, and tenders for a few of his subscribers. That outside perspective is invaluable when you reply to an RFP.

Cigar Snob Magazine: Erik Calvino found me in 2008, and I've edited every issue of Cigar Snob Magazine since then. Erik's my hero. He also makes me work on some tight deadlines. He and his team are all great writers, and I thoroughly enjoy every issue, despite how much I complain behind Erik's back. (He's not reading this, is he?)

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